Philippines Says Decision To Strengthen Ties With Japan, US A ‘Sovereign Choice’

Philippines Says Decision To Strengthen Ties With Japan, US A ‘Sovereign Choice’

The Philippines’ foreign ministry described the country’s recent decision to strengthen its relations with Japan and the United States—which was brought up at a summit presided over by the U.S.

President Joe Biden—as a “sovereign choice” made in response to China’s complaints. The purpose of the trilateral meeting between the United States, Japan, and the Philippines was to discuss common worries over China’s actions in the South China Sea.

The foreign ministry of the Philippines emphasised that this cooperation should not be seen as a threat but rather as a means of promoting economic development and peace in the Indo-Pacific region. On the other hand, it blamed regional tension for China’s moves in the South China Sea.

China responded by saying it was against the creation of exclusive alliances and charging that the United States was still thinking like it was the Cold War. Manila disputed these assertions, claiming that trilateral collaboration serves a peaceful purpose.

Due to maritime conflicts resulting from China’s expanded territorial claims clashing with those of neighbouring countries, relations between the Philippines and China have deteriorated. China rejected the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s 2016 decision, which declared China’s claims to be invalid.