US Forecast To Top Medals Table For Fourth Straight Games

US Forecast To Top Medals Table For Fourth Straight Games

The United States is expected to continue its dominance, at the Paris Summer Gamers leading the medal tally for a record-tying fourth time with 39 gold and 123 overall medals.

With the advantage of being the host country, France is predicted to go up to third place and win 28 gold medals overall. China, meanwhile, is expected to maintain its second-place finish with 35 golds. Britain, Australia, and Japan are predicted by Gracenote to equal the fourth-highest amount of gold, each with 13.

Sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine restrict the Russian Olympic Committee’s involvement, meaning that their presence at the Games is restricted. Despite difficulties in getting ready for the competition because of internal strife, Ukraine is predicted to win 13 medals in total, including three gold.

Tajikistan, Finland, San Marino, Trinidad & Tobago, North Korea, Fiji, Panama, and Vietnam are predicted to finish last in the standings with one bronze medal each. The forecasts made by Gracenote are based on information gathered from international contests since the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

With the 2028 Olympic Games slated for Los Angeles, the stage is set for continued rivalry and thrills in the sports world.