PM Modi Unveils Projects Worth ₹56,000 Crore In Telangana

PM Modi Unveils Projects Worth ₹56,000 Crore In Telangana

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated numerous developmental projects in Adilabad, Telangana. These projects were collectively valued at more than ₹56,000 crore. These initiatives span the power, rail, and road sectors.

PM Modi emphasised Adilabad’s emergence as a hub for national development, with over 30 projects contributing to this transformation. He highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Centre and Telangana, both celebrating nearly a decade of progress. Notable projects include the 800 MW NTPC (Unit 2), set to augment Telangana’s electricity generation capacity.

Furthermore, PM Modi highlighted the electrification of Ambari-Adilabad-Pimpalkhuti rail lines and the initiation of two major National Highway projects in Adilabad, Bela, and Mulugu. Emphasising the importance of state-level development in promoting national growth, he expressed optimism that India might emerge as the third-largest economy in the world.

Additionally, PM Modi expressed his commitment to inclusive development, highlighting the empowerment of marginalised groups including Dalits, tribal people, and underprivileged communities. He claimed that by leveraging economic growth, public confidence in the country rises and draws investments that help states as well as the federal government as a whole.

PM Modi also promoted an in-depth knowledge of development that includes both social and economic advancement through these initiatives.