Bill Gates Shares Video Of His Visit To Statue Of Unity, Calls It An ‘Engineering Marvel’
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Bill Gates Shares Video Of His Visit To Statue Of Unity, Calls It An ‘Engineering Marvel’

On March 1, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates visited the iconic Statue of Unity in Gujrat. During his visit to India, he labelled the Statue of Unity as an ‘engineering marvel’ and extended gratitude to PM Narendra Modi and CM Bhupendra Patel for their invitation and hospitality.

Gates shared a video capturing his presence in front of the towering 597-foot-tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The video swiftly amassed more than a million views, eliciting reactions across social media platforms. Gates admired the statue’s grandeur, highlighting its significance in his post. Social media users hailed Gates as a prominent advocate for Indian tourism, emphasising his role in promoting the country’s cultural landmarks.

Before he visited the Statue of Unity, Gates captivated the internet by collaborating with Dolly Chaiwalla, a vendor from Nagpur, in a video showcasing traditional chai-making techniques. Gates underscored the innovation ingrained in Indian culture, appreciating the intricacies of preparing a simple cup of tea.

From exploring monumental landmarks to engaging with traditional practices, Gates’ endeavours in India reflect his profound interest in Indian culture and society. His activities have sparked widespread attention online, showcasing his dedication to experiencing and celebrating the diverse facets of Indian life during his visit.