From the towering Tatra Mountains in the south to the wild Baltic Sea in the north, Poland is filled with vibrant locations known for their splendid heritage, mouthwatering cuisine and stunning architecture. Poland is home to numerous attractions and landmarks that are sure to delight visitors from all over the world. A getaway to Poland will keep everyone happy — from beach-goers and hiking fans to city break lovers

By His Excellency Mr. Waldemar Dubaniowski, Ambassador of Poland to Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos

The country’s secret lies in the evident diversity between its regions and cities, each of which is waiting to tell a unique story. It’s time to be captivated by Poland’s pristine nature, fascinating history and diverse traditions.


Modern-day Warsaw is a vibrant metropolis where history meets the latest technology, contemporary art and architecture. Warsaw is not only one of Poland’s major business centres, but also has a rich history, lively culture and a number of renowned universities, attracting an increasing number of tourists, students, artists and business people.

Poland’s capital is full of opportunities and attractions, enabling everyone to get to know Warsaw in their own way. The city’s diversity is a perfect metaphor for the journey Poland has gone through over many centuries. Warsaw is a city of contrasts — between glittering skyscrapers and the historic Old Town, traditional Polish dishes and international cuisine and its many green zones with its urban landscape.


The historic capital, Krakow, was once home to Polish kings. Now, it is one of Central Europe’s most popular spots for travellers and an important centre of art, commerce, and culture. Krakow is Poland’s second-largest city, blending an international atmosphere with a cosy vibe, in one charming, well-balanced destination. Thanks to its long history and rich cultural heritage, there are countless hidden gems throughout the city.

Monuments, extraordinary attractions, a mix of architectural styles, green spaces and exceptional cuisine — Krakow has it all! It’s full of precious historical buildings, art and urban legends that offer an amazing variety of experiences and fun things to do. One of the most unforgettable of Krakow’s many attractions is Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter. This charming district is quite distinct from the rest of the city, giving it a unique and fascinating charm all of its own. A one-day trip to Wieliczka salt mine, a historic monument entered on the UNESCO list, allows one to discover an incredible realm of underground corridors and chambers cut out in rock salt.


Poland’s Baltic coast area is lined with stunning sandy beaches. One thing that makes this area unique is the presence of natural amber along the shore. Amber, which comes from the resin of the area’s pine trees that has solidified over thousands of years, is praised as much for its beauty as for its metaphysical properties. Visitors can spend their time on the Amber Coast relaxing by the sea, listening to waves and watching seagulls. Those who prefer a more active trip will not be disappointed by the offerings here. Horseback riding is a popular and exciting way to enjoy the area’s beauty. The water here is also ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and swimming. City break lovers can visit the so-called Tricity, which consists of three coastal cities — Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia — that together create a single metropolitan area. With over 1,000 years of tradition and history, Gdansk contrasts with the smaller, quieter Sopot and the young port city of Gdynia, creating a perfect seaside resort. Attracting tourists from all over the world, Tricity is bustling with life throughout the whole year.


The Tatras are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, with the highest point scraping the sky at 2499 metres. The range is rugged and truly alpine in character with a mass of picturesque valleys, man-made clearings, pastures, caves, lakes, peaks and mountain passes. The choice of hiking trails is remarkable here: from easier short walks along the valleys and foothills, to highly challenging trails in the high mountains. The Tatra National Park is a beautiful and natural home to the amazingly abundant local flora and fauna. The vibrant culture, rich traditions, and original cuisine of the highlanders living at the foothills of the Tatra inspire to discover and learn more about this most fascinating region.


The Mazury region, located near the Lithuanian border, has been dubbed the “Land of A Thousand Lakes” thanks to the presence of thousands of lakes all interconnected via canals and other small waterways. These lakes are popular with kayakers and boaters vacationing in Poland. Many of the lakes have harbours dotted with pubs, small shops, and eateries. Others are more secluded, practically hidden inside thick trees and vegetation, and are sure to thrill nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Poland is a top destination for travellers looking to enjoy the great outdoors while on vacation in Europe. The country’s stunning lakes, beautiful seaside, mountain ranges and dramatic forests provide the backdrop for a fun-filled stay.

Whether in the mountains or by the sea, you can be sure to experience traditional Polish hospitality, which is expressed in our national proverb “Guest at home, God at home.” The magic of Polish flavours and tastes awaits to be discovered – let yourself be enchanted.