URS Media’s three IPRs – World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders, Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders, and India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – together comprise a mission where brands are scanned, researched, understood and, after much deliberation by a competent team of experts, put on deserving pedestals for the veneration of the world.

Our intense, vigorous and penetrative research is all about finding and offering a chance to those Brands & Leaders, which have been working silently but substantially in their own capacity, thus helping India achieve the status of the fastest growing major economy in the world. They deserve to be recognized at the world, Asian and national levels. To offer due recognition to the deserving Brands & Leaders from 16 industries and 62 sub-categories, so Iconic, Powerful and Emerging players may use the same Platform of Excellence to create a never-before sphere of opportunities where they would be able to freely network and create further avenues of incredible investment and growth, a list is prepared. In this industry-wise list, we bring to the fore the real drivers of India’s and Asia’s economic engines, who are the critical pivots and spokes of the wheels of growth.

As all Brands & Leaders are chosen by Consumers & Industry, the Poll Section reflects selection of the Greatest Brands & Leaders by consumers directly.

Voting is important as each vote plays an impactful and direct role in the selection of your favourite Brand and/or Leader.

Please select the Award, then the industry to which your Brand belongs to and then your Brand name. Finally, rate it on all five parameters from Poor to Outstanding, and Submit it to us.

Let us all make an honest effort through our votes, so the most deserving and the greatest Brand on all parameters win!

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