Prime Minister of Ethiopia to Announce Formation Of The New Government

Prime Minister of Ethiopia to Announce Formation Of The New Government

On Monday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is expected to announce the formation of a new government. Abiy’s Prosperity Party won 410 of 436 parliamentary seats in a June vote, which was hailed by the premier as the country’s first free and fair election in decades. Berhanu Nega, the opposition leader, had filed more than 200 complaints with the country’s election board alleging irregularities.

According to the data, he will lead Africa’s second-most populous country in 2018 after the country’s anti-government protests. Back in 2018, he was a less-known figure who went on to immediately win the hearts of millions with his reform measures. His win has overshadowed a deadly war in the northern Tigray region and has fixed his position to stay in power for the next five years. With the win, a sharp rise in ethnic clashes posed significant problems for him.

With a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt, the darling of the international community is now being accused of blocking aid to Tigray. Mr. Abiy will face old problems with his new government, especially finding the solution for the deadly war.

His swearing-in is unclear whether it will alter the course of the war pitting government forces against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group, which dominated the national politics before he took power.