Traditionally, Protinex has enjoyed the trust of several generations of doctors, and has been the highest prescribed brand in the category. The journey of Protinex started with medical giants like Dumex (1957), Pfizer (1972), and Wockhardt (2006). In 2012, the brand turned a new leaf in its history after being acquired by French Food & Beverage Major, Danone.


Indian diets are known to be carbohydrate rich and hence are often unbalanced from a nutritional standpoint. Several researches have indicated acute protein deficiency in Indian diets. Majority of Indians assume that home cooked food meets all our daily nutrition requirements, which is a myth. Researches have shown that as high as 80% Indian adults may have a diet deficient in proteins. Scientifically formulated Protinex contains 50% extra protein as compared to leading health drinks and thus helps fulfil this critical nutritional gap.

Protinex offers an extensive range with unique tailored variants, for consumers of different age groups and people with different physiological conditions.


With a holistic offering for every member of the family, covering various stages of life, the brand has built a credible medical heritage amongst doctors with Junior Protinex, Mama Protinex & Diabetes Protinex. When acquired by Danone, Protinex had a rich medical heritage, demand being driven primarily by medical and physiological conditions. However since 2014, the brand has been at the vanguard of creating mass consumer awareness around importance of healthy nutrition. Today, in addition to pioneering new ideas in the field of nutritional sciences, the brand also engages with larger audiences through sharply targeted consumer marketing. This Consumer Marketing Strategy has received excellent response from the market as witnessed through the massive upsurge in business for the brand. In addition to the marketing strategy, the brand has also been making significant progress in coming up with new offerings to sensorially delight consumers.


In a short span of 18 months, Protinex has transformed from being just a prescribed product to a movement which valorizes the cause of healthy nutrition in a country like India with poor nutritional status. Through its unique counseling programs, digital outreach programs and unique product portfolio, today Protinex is helping millions across India lead fuller and healthier lives. Business success and laurels for the team happen to be only a few of the drivers for the brand.


Brand Protinex truly embodies Group Danone’s mission, “Bringing Health through Food to as many people as possible”. In line with this global ambition, the brand is gearing up to get into more meaningful segments for the Indian consumer.

With a big nutritional skew to battle, brand Protinex will have many challenges and opportunities to play bigger roles in consumers’ lives and enabling them to live fuller and healthier lives.

With Danone’s global expertise in the field of Foods, Beverages and nutritional sciences, Protinex will be a brand to watch out for in the innovation space – not only with regards to new product ranges, but also services related to food sciences and creating better consumer awareness.