Puneet Gaur

Puneet Gaur

Mr. Puneet Gaur’s way to being a global name rests on an outstanding education, impressive work experience, and lifetime learning. This business builder and operational leader has transformed small to large organisations across three continents of North America, Europe and Asia. He has been a crusader for social responsibility for companies and employees. He has been promoting the concept of Society As A Strategic Stakeholder (SAASS)TM. Ethics and corporate responsibility have been hallmarks of his personality.

He pushes for success for his vendors, sustainability of the ecosystem where the company operates, welfare and success for the employees, and meaningful contribution to the surrounding communities. His career spans from start-ups to large businesses ranging from Tata Consultancy Services, FMC Technologies, Avaya, DXC Technology, DMI, and Next Quarter. Currently, he is working as a COO at an AI B2B firm based in Virginia, USA. Mr. Gaur has two bachelor degrees in engineering and four masters degrees in Engineering, Business Administration, and International Relations. His final Master’s degree is in International Relations from Harvard University. He also received Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats Instructor Certificate, after which he trained several thousand employees globally. Innovation, Process Improvement, EBITDA Management, and Customer Success have been cornerstone of his career.


Mr. Gaur’s global experience makes him an international thought leader. He has lived and worked across three continents – Europe, Asia, and North America. It enabled him to understand how the work culture differs worldwide and how he can help global teams overcome cultural challenges to harness the power of diversity. His efforts have resulted in accelerated performance and increased shareholder value.

He is an ardent lover of travel and books. The travel bug in him has taken him to more than 50 countries. When physical travel is not possible, he immerses himself in the vast world of books. His library holds a splendid collection of more than 6,000 books – a clear sign of his astute mind and rich knowledge.


Mr. Gaur’s work is not encompassed within the corporate areas. He has gone the extra mile to share his knowledge and expertise with the world. He regularly conducts workshops on product management, strategy management, leadership, analytics, science based meditation, lateral thinking, and ethics in business. He charges no fee when NGOs and educational institutions invite him to conduct such workshops. Knowledge sharing is a core mantra for him. He also mentors students from his alma maters in India and USA.

In addition, he is known for writing thought leadership blogs on famous platforms such as Forbes, where he talks about business, leadership, social causes, and animal protection. He has received several awards for his outstanding work and contribution. The list includes the IEEE award, Harvard Deans’ award, and COO of the Year award from the Minister for Skill Development, Government of India. He is also invited as a speaker at global conferences. In 2022, he was given the Global Leadership Award in the House of Commons, UK.