Solipuram Venkat Reddy

Solipuram Venkat Reddy


What makes Mr. Solipuram Venkat Reddy a successful first-generation entrepreneur is his belief in himself. Born in a farmer’s family, this commerce graduate had no automobile industry experience, but with self-belief established one of the leading passenger bus and car rental companies in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Today, he is an inspiration to all those passionate about achieving something big in life. With integrity, discipline, and enthusiasm as his strengths, Mr. Reddy has made his business accomplish success, trust and fame. Taking learning as a never-ending process, he learns something new every day and tries to incorporate it into his work. This openness to learning something new gives him an edge over others in the market.


A company becomes successful when its customers are satisfied, and the quality output provided to customers makes it a known name in the market. Intercity Transport Company has been providing pick-and-drop facilities to employees, meeting client requirements in terms of shifts, number of employees, and packages per kilometres, among others.

His company generates employment for around 1,600 people, and has a turnover of over Rs. 200 crore. As the firm’s founder, Mr. Reddy oversees automobile servicing, passenger transportation, construction, power station, and hospitality services. The business leader provides these services with competitive advantages. He is committed to providing services all 365 days of the year, irrespective of any problem, and this dedication and thirst for success make him an exemplary leader. Mr. Reddy motivates his team to maintain a regular clientele. Renowned names like Toshiba, TIDC, and Green Needle in the automotive sector and Tata and NRSC in the aerospace industry are a few of his clients. His pharma clients include Aurobindo Pharma, NATCO Pharma, Hetero Pharma, Mylan Pharma, Sai Life Sciences, Dr. Reddy’s, Gland Pharma, and Suven Pharmaceuticals.


A true leader never hesitates to acknowledge the hard work of his teammates. Mr. Reddy appreciates the efforts of his 1,600-strong workforce and accredits his success to them. He believes that whatever he has achieved professionally is all because of his supportive employees and their constant efforts. He treats his team members as a family and motivates them to grow with the company. He strongly believes that a happy, collaborative and engaging working environment is always rewarding. He, therefore, leaves no stone unturned to keep the people around him content and satisfied. His team passionately works as per the clients’ requirements and timely delivers their customised contracts. With their leader’s support, the team has been going to great lengths to deliver projects.


Apart from growing his business, Mr. Reddy works for the betterment of society and country. He envisions introducing new technologies and developing skyscrapers to make India a better place for all the people.

Mr. Solipuram Venkat Reddy is actively involved in contributing to charities such as the Raja Bahadur Venkata Ram Reddy Educational Society (RVBR Educational Society). His benevolence can also be seen in the fact that he funds the education of many employees’ children. He also contributes to various social causes and community development initiatives such as road widening and water purification in the Bhongir town of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana.