R Praggnanandhaa Defeats Magnus Carlsen in Chess Tournament

R Praggnanandhaa Defeats Magnus Carlsen in Chess Tournament

On Friday, Grandmaster Rameshbabu Praggananandhaa stuns the World Champion Magnus Carlsen again at the Chessable Masters online rapid chess tournament.

A 16-year-old Indian teenager won 12 points crushing Gawain Jones from England in the seventh round, he finished 6th after drawing with his compatriot P Harikrishna, who was 11th, and Vidit Gujrathi, who finished 14th. The Indian sensation precedent the one-move blunder from Carlsen and kept his odds alive till the knockout stage.

With the 40th move from Pragganandhaa, the match took a stunning twist by misplacing Carlsen’s knight on his previous move as Praggananandhaa checked with an attack on his back.

He said, “I am so thrilled about my game quality. I am missing some stuff, some tricks, and some tactics so I need to be sharper”. After the match, in an interview, Pragganandha revealed he was taking a school exam during the event

Praggananandhaa won again after defeating the Norwegian in February at the Airthings Masters. In the eighth round of the Airthings Master, he stunned World No 1, Magnus Carlsen, in an online rapid chess tournament.

On Monday, the teenager won with black pieces in 39 moves in a Tarrasch variation game to halt Carlsen’s run of three straight wins.