Ray Health Products

Ray Health Products

The active age group being the target of obesity and other heart-related issues was the major concern for the company, which emerged as a ray of hope to reduce the prevalence of obesity in the coming years due to high consumption of oil in daily cooking.


Conforming to the health standards, Ray Health Products ensures proper production, processing and packing of their products. They have launched Cooking Spray in the Indian market which naturally helps one reduce their cooking oil consumption by 10 times for daily meal cooking. The oil comes in a spray can which is vacuum packed and free of propellants and gases. It’s a clean aerosol technology.

Their other flagship product includes RAY NO SUGAR, which is a 99.99% pure stevia extract. Stevia is a natural sweetener which does not increase one’s glycemic index. Stevia leaves, when consumed in their true form provide the best experience in terms of taste and health benefits as technically they have zero calories and do not increase your blood sugar levels. RAY NO SUGAR comes in liquid form in a one hand snap and squeeze sachet technology which is mess free to use and easy for travel as well. Ray NO SUGAR Bites are Stevia based 100% NO SUGAR INDIAN SWEETS launched by the company which helps satiate the sugar cravings of diabetics and calorie conscious people without letting them compromise on taste.

With Ray Health Products, consumers do not only get the best consumable products but also receive high-quality personal care and hygiene items, including breath fresheners to be used on-the-go. The company adheres to innovative ways of packaging its products. The producers and manufacturers have to assure the use of safe technology to yield safer products. Whether it is the cooking oil spray or the taste of sugar in its sugar-free item, the concept of bag-on-valve technology is used. Bag-on-valve is a modern packaging technology that ensures the products remain out of the reach of light and air; this preservation technique keeps food items and personal care items naturally fresh to be used by consumers, besides eliminating the need for adding preservatives. For example, Ray Honey, an organic brand of unprocessed honey is packaged in a one-hand opening sachet, which the users can just fold and squeeze to consume. Similarly, for Ray NoSugar Bites, Borosilicate bottles are utilized. These are thermal resistant, leak-proof, and very easy to carry. What makes them even more worthy of being used is their ability to be re-used and be an eco-friendly option. The non-exposure of the packaged items coming from Ray Health Products is what guarantees 100% health-efficiency of the food and personal care items that it makes accessible to all sections of the society at an inexpensive rate.

The brand’s trustworthiness has yielded successful results with its products being placed and presented in national as well as local chains. These are also found on reputed online platforms along with all leading national stores around.

In an era where brands get blamed for encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle for their own benefits, getting recognized as a healthy food ingredients provider is nodoubt an extraordinary achievement.