Roshni Mukherjee

Roshni Mukherjee

After a nearly two-decade long stellar career in banking, Roshni founded Myosutra in 2017 out of her unconditional love for the Indian craftsmanship. Born and brought up in a culturally inclined typical Bengali household in Kolkata, she developed a deep admiration for traditional Indian textiles and fabrics at an early age. Her exquisite handloom saris and bespoke jewellery are popular among foreigners and the Indian diaspora. With exports spanning to almost 25 countries across 5 continents, Roshni’s label is on its way to become the most prominent ‘desi’ brand in Europe. A saree connoisseur herself, she keeps exploring creative ways to redefine sarees and fashion accessories that best represent modern women. One of her unique designs, the ‘Bengal weaves’ saree is a masterpiece combining the best of traditional weaves like Baluchari from Bishnupur, Dhakai from Dhaka, Kantha from Bolpur, Batik, Tant, and Gamcha — all in one saree. Her Spring Summer Ethnic Jackets collection represents 6 different weaves from different corners of India and has been a successful attempt at adding some colours to the British high street fashion dominated by black and grey. She has something for every generation, be it contemporary designs like the London Skyline and Harry Potter themed sarees or the ‘ShohojPaath’ saree collection, an attempt to familiarise young Bengalis with ‘bornomala’ and the Bengali culture.

Her passion for fashion and the steady support and encouragement from her father, Mr. Shyamal Paul Chowdhury, have helped her fulfil her dreams of promoting the wondrous weaves and traditional textiles of India globally. She considers her creations as an ode to the Indian weavers. Thanks to her, NRIs can now easily buy their favourite local weaves from Calcutta, Banaras, or any other part of India in the UK and rest of the world. She attributes the economic success of Myosutra to her experience as a banker. It equipped her with the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Superior quality products and impeccable customer services have earned the brand 25,000 followers on Facebook and 9,000 followers on Instagram in a short span.


Roshni has launched “Swap that Saree” campaign to bring the Indian culture to the centre stage and promote sustainable fashion. She encourages customers to choose smartly and transform their old sarees into entirely new outfits like gowns, jackets, and dresses. According to Roshni, clothes are an investment and one should reuse them creatively instead of wasting their resources on new outfits for every occasion.

One of the eco-friendly fashion practices Roshni follows is experimenting with various Indo-western outfits made out of recycled sarees. An alumnus of the British Academy of Fashion Design, she feels that as a responsible fashion leader it is her duty to innovate and create a fashion opinion that genuinely evokes a positive change. Through her association with Psyconnect as the Chief Designer, she advocates the importance of mental health and promotes how dressing well can induce a sense of positivity in life. Her lifestyle and fashion television show- ‘AshwinerSharodoShaaje’ has established her as a television fashion guru in the UK. She is also a member of the Board of Advisors of Miss India, UK. For Roshni, learning and continuously updating oneself through work and life experiences is the key to sustenance and progress.