A one of its kind neo-auction platform in the internet publishing space, Bidzapp has made product auctioning and bidding smarter, exciting, and faster. All you need to do is download it, watch the ‘How It Works’ video, and participate in the process. The app offers rewarding experiences to the users.

Even if you don’t win an auction, you can still get the product at the ‘Best Online Price’ or earn discount coupons from premium brands.

The auctions go live daily, weekly, or at the time of megadeal seasons. Their duration lasts between 5-15 minutes, and all the products offered come with a full warranty. Bidzapp picks up and delivers products only from the authorized sellers, thus ensuring hassle-free end-to-end fulfillment services.


Bidzapp offers multiple auction categories — you name it and they have it. The list covers electronics, entertainment, automobiles, petroleum and gas, fashion, mobiles, groceries, gaming, food delivery, dining, digital payment and appliances. Bidzapp has also partnered with well established brands like Samsung, Big Bazaar, IFB, Oppo, Big Basket, PayTM, Myntra, Hyundai, Honda, Sony, Nykaa, Asus, MI, Swiggy, Domino’s and Realme and others for listing their respective products and services.

There are two types of skill-based auctions that you can participate in on Bidzapp Classic Auction and Regular Auction. In classic auctions, the users need only strategy to win the auction while in regular auctions, the users need both strategy and speed. In a classic auction, the users get the same number of bids as the number of bid windows (~18 bid windows = 18 bids and they can place the bid at any time during the bid window of 15 secs. However, they need strategy to decide if they want to bid in every window. In a regular auction, all the users are given the same amount of limited bids (10) per auction. The users decide in which Bid Round to use their bid. The fastest bid placed in a bid window is the one that is accepted.


To participate in this skill-based and fun-filled auction from the comfort of personal/professional space, the person needs to be over 18 years and should necessarily be an Indian resident. The first step is to choose an auction category; second, pay the auction entry fee.

Then, play unlimited practice auctions to get the hang of playing auctions online. The fourth step is to smartly play (~bid) the live auction you actually paid for. Next, give your best shot to win the auction (~fingers crossed), and the last step is to claim your reward.

You can participate in as many auctions as you like but remember that the products/vouchers/coupons that you win through Bidzapp cannot be exchanged for actual money. The platform provides you with virtual money (Bidzy points) that you can use for payment. However, they must be used before their expiry date, so remember that time is money here.


Seeing the rising popularity and the promising future of the platform, Mr. Hardik Pandya (India’s leading all rounder) has signed up as an investor for the company. When asked the reason for choosing Bidzapp, Hardik says that he personally relates to Bidzapp because the online application is truly an all rounder too — fast, fun, skill-based, and of great value to the listed brands and the participants.

The best part is that even the participants who don’t win the auction can earn rewards; so there are no sad faces going back. All in all, Bidzapp provides a new and thrilling experience for millions of India’s online shoppers.