S. Jalan & Co.

S. Jalan & Co.

With almost 70 years of rich experience, S. Jalan & Co. has provided legal services to every entity possible, from industries, financial institutions, MNCs, software houses, SOHO to charitable and educational organisations, NGOs, and individuals. It offers services at par with international standards and requirements, and works for several core practice areas. Its real estate network offers an integrated service to clients operating in all aspects of commercial realty. It advises investors and institutions on a wide range of investment work, including the creation of the investment vehicle, funding, acquisition and disposal, management, and leasing.

The firm has considerable experience in disinvestment and privatisation advice on all forms of commercial arrangements and trading activity. In addition, it provides legal services to clients in the hospitality sector. It remains active in buying and selling individual hotels and small portfolios.

The financially-oriented services to hospitality clients include everything from land acquisition and construction contracts to employment and consultant contracts, and operations and technical contracts. The trademarks and design registration unit along with the team of freelance consultants offers a one-stop-shop brand management and protection service to protect rights that exist in a company’s name, design or brand.

So, the company tries its best to be a legal friend of all the clients to take away all the legal obstacles that might be disturbing in the smooth functioning of their business.


The success of S. Jalan & Co. is due to the dynamic spirit of the team of lawyers working here. The team knows legal provisions inside out and applies them practically to help their clients. The swift delivery of legal services gives this law firm a unique competitive edge in the sector.

The multi-locational presence of the organisation ensures a seamless network of lawyers across the country. Committed to fulfilling all the clients’ legal requirements effectively, the lawyers diligently research the latest developments in law. There is also continual knowledge sharing among the teams across the country. This inclusive environment at the firm helps prompt and proficient delivery of services to benefit the clients. The seniors working in S. Jalan & Co. believe in the company’s organic growth. Therefore, they want all the freshers, who join the firm to elevate their position to that of Equity Partners. This helps their personal development and increases the company’s success rate.


The law sector is evolving each day. The focus is now to become more service oriented as the judicial framework is moving away from the set norms. Lawyers now have a broader field to develop specialised practice.

Keeping this in mind, S. Jalan & Co. has been expanding to multiple locations. It is opening up new departments of practice to cater to the demands of clients. The firm also takes up issues related to company law and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code across all the benches of the National Company Law Tribunal. It represents financial creditors, operational creditors, and corporate debtors.


S. Jalan & Co. started a not-for-profit pro bono venture called ‘Access to Justice.’ The people at the firm strongly believe that the participation and assistance of civil societies and NGOs are essential to increase public awareness through research and dissemination of accurate information. Under the initiative, they take care of senior citizens’ rights, child rights, criminal justice, labour rights, women’s rights, tribal rights and liberties, provide assistance to social entrepreneurs, and improve the lives of the poor and marginalised.