Sabyasachi Saha

Sabyasachi Saha

With a strong belief that technology can revolutionize the business world, Sabyasachi Saha is putting together the best resources to offer tailor-made solutions to clients across the world. But this success story did not start with a good graph in the beginning. Sabyasachi invested a lot in turning his dreams into reality.


Sabyasachi’s real tryst with technology started in West Bengal. He prepared for JEE and finally got admission to Kalyani Govt. Engineering College to pursue B.Tech. The course further gave wings to his dreams of establishing a career in technology. It was in 2011 that he co-founded Techno Exponent with his business partner co-founder Avoy Debnath.

What started small is now one of the leading web and mobile app development companies with global clientele. Over the years, Sabyasachi kept experimenting with the trends and creating solutions that catered to the market’s dynamic needs. His tireless efforts and determination encourage the team to build innovative solutions to bridge the gaps between businesses and technologies.


Ever since the inception of Techno Exponent, Sabyasachi has been adopting new technologies so that businesses can reap the benefits. Today, his company is helping big names in achieving their goals. Under his leadership, the company has also expanded its service portfolio. While earlier it only dealt with PHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Techno Exponent is now also working with Blockchain, AI, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Flutter, JAVA, Kotlin, and many more. All this has been possible because of Sabyasachi’s excellent leadership skills. He has been successfully streamlining the operations to improve customer service.

As for taking the company to a global level, Sabyasachi’s proven track record of establishing strategic partnerships rightly deserve the credit for successful results. Today, the company has offices in 6 countries where it has served more than 1000 clients. The long list of his company’s clientele includes leading companies like Disney, Amazon, NASA, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, among others.


Being a businessperson is just one part of Sabyasachi’s personality. He is much more than that. To be precise, he is also a charismatic leader, supportive teammate, and an icon in the world of technology and innovation. Recently, he also started another venture – Euphoria GenX. A technical training institute, Euphoria GenX is the gateway through which Sabyasachi is helping engineering students get hands on training that can help them get jobs. It offers training courses for Git, AWS, and Deployment apart from various other courses. In fact, Sabyasachi also collaborated with educators to teach students how to utilize technology and become skilled professionals. The institute offers guidance and training on the latest technologies like Angular, AI, ML, Java, Android, IoT, AutoCAD, etc. So far, the institute has placed thousands of students in reputable companies. Recently, 3000 students completed their summer training program.

He vehemently believes that the secret to success is choosing the business that is right for you. No wonder through Euphoria GenX he is guiding young minds to make the right career choices.