Saif Powertech Limited

Saif Powertech Limited

Saif Powertec Limited began its operations with power and material handling solutions in the country’s engineering sector, and eventually, expanded its business to include a wide range of services. Today, the company offers erection, procurement, and commissioning solutions, large-scale construction, embankment, river dredging, state-of-the-art battery manufacturing, container handling and port machinery material handling solutions, renewable energy solutions, LED lighting solutions, and pharmaceutical plastic products’ production. It is also involved in servicing and overhauling power plants and fertilizer factories and producing pet bottles, CSD caps, spoons, measurement glasses, and stoppers.

The organisation launched its ports operation business in 2006 and has grown enormously since. Today, it handles 15.42 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), a record cargo capacity for any operator in Bangladesh.


Mr. Tarafder Md. Ruhul Amin runs Saif Powertec Limited with the help of 400 dedicated and talented employees. The dynamic team comprises engineers, planners, operations specialists, and safety experts. The professionals persevere to accomplish the most complex and challenging tasks and strive to come up with innovative solutions. Their focus is to give the best possible service to clients at an affordable cost.

All of these professionals are highly competent resources with years of work experience in several renowned and local companies, making them multi-disciplinary and capable of working at various levels of administration at the company. The staff religiously works for the benefit of the company and its clients. It is their objective to increase the customers’ profitability, while keeping their projects running smoothly. They abide by the timeline and cost, making them one of the best in this industry. The firm’s leaders credit their staff for their spirit and hard work.


In April 2022, Saif Powertec Limited signed a long-term trade facilitation and shipping agreement with Safeen Feeders. The firms collaboratively facilitate trade and cargo services from Fujairah in the UAE to Bangladesh. In the same year, Saif Powertec Limited also started operating a new container terminal at Chattogram Port, the largest seaport of Bangladesh. The company has been handling almost 4,50,000 TEU annually since April 2022. It is already running the container and vessel handling operation at the Chittagong Container Terminal and Newmooring Container Terminal of Chattogong Port since 2007. More than 67% of containers at this port are handled by the company alone.

Saif Powertec Limited also operates Dhaka’s only rail inland Container Depot. In 2023, the company will start a new terminal in Mongla Port that is currently under construction. The company has recently opened a Research and Innovation Cell, led by Dr. Razon Chandra Saha, who conducted the first intermodal freight transportation system Ph.D. research project for Bangladesh. In addition, it is planning to invest in the port logistics sector of the country and around the world to promote Bangladeshi brands globally. The Managing Director and his team are making constant efforts to make the company a popular name in the international market.


Saif Powertec Limited believes in working for the welfare of the disadvantaged sections of society. It contributed Tk2 crore to the Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak. The company also distributed relief materials among day labourers working at the terminals of the Chittagong Port.