Samit Hassan

Samit Hassan

Samit Hassan is currently serving as the director of Silver Line Group which is a textile and apparel company based in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Samit’s father Mr. M.A.H. Salim. Mr. Samit became the director of this company at the age of 18. Presently, Silver Line is well reputed for supplying high quality fabric – to the world’s best global brands like RALPH LAUREN, H&M, ZARA, BERSHAKA, M&S, NEXT, AMERICAN EAGLE, AERIES, and JCP – which is being produced at one of the world’s best technological platform.


Mr. Samit was counted among one of the top 10 students at his high school in California, USA. He studied International Business Management at university level. Although he started his learning at Miami, Florida, he eventually shifted to Geneva, Switzerland. Very surprisingly, even though he never studied textiles, but his acquisition of practical knowledge compensated for the lack of theoretical knowledge.


Mr. Samit and his dad both are forwardthinking leaders. They believe that while social media might seem like a distraction, it is an essential tool for gaining long term exposure which is in fact a quintessential prerequisite in this industry.

In that true sense of exposure, their clothes were displayed on the ramp at the Texworld convention held in Paris, France. Magic in LAS VEGAS had been the next stop to showcase the presence of Silver Line Group on the Global platform and then the journey to Visit/exhibit on all major platforms was initiated – the latest being VIRTUAL Showcase through F2F sourcing show where they turned out to be Platinum sponsors to the organizers.


Possessing a passion for perfection and having a knack for working on new innovative ideas, Mr. Samit spends his qualitative time with R&D, Design team to ensure that something new gets created and is offered to the market. His strong belief to be the pioneer in the industry keeps pushing him to look the world more from the future perspective rather than following the regular cores in which major business in textiles work. He believes that if we have to be the leader, we have to be innovative, service centric and technologically updated all the time.


It’s his sheer dedication and forward looking approach which has made Silver Line Group showcase themselves on a GLOBAL platform from being one of the domestic players trying to create their own existence 5 years back.

Mr. Samit’s dream to make Silver Line Group 100% sustainable by 2025 is a big leap step ahead for being one of the lead Sustainable players on the Global platform and work as a Lead design platform which will go further in building up the complete concept of a lead Design house which will work with the leading design professionals to create a complete solution for its customers from a single platform.