Satisfy Your Senses with Food Fashion
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Satisfy Your Senses with Food Fashion

All living things eat to survive. Some people like to savour what they eat and in the process satisfy their appetite and senses both. Yet there is a different genre of people, who consider food as art and fashion. For them, eating something is not enough, until it was also presented in a fashionable way.

Food fashion is common in the hospitality industry. If you have paid about a thousand bucks for two pieces of potato, some cucumber, and two types of leaves soaked in some thick sauce presented on a white plate in a fashionable Italian restaurant, and have yet felt satisfied, you are a lover of food art.

A different meaning has emerged recently, where food fashion in images is used so sensually that it’s called foodporn. Obviously, it is being used in a totally positive sense, where the image of the food is arousing your senses in such a way that you can’t hold back and feel forced to find it and eat it.

However, the basic need of eating for the sake of eating is essential. Satisfying your senses takes a back seat when satisfying your hunger is more important. The ways of civilized world may be different, and food fashion is supplementary rather than the fundamental need of human beings.