Saudi Arabia is Planning The Largest Buildings Ever Constructed
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Saudi Arabia is Planning The Largest Buildings Ever Constructed

Saudi Arabia plans to build the world’s largest buildings in an area largely unpopulated as part of an entirely new $500 billion development called Neom.

People familiar with the matter said the project is the brainchild of Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman panning to build twin skyscrapers 1,640 feet (500 meters) tall stretching horizontally for dozens of miles. Already home to the world’s tallest building Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Neom will be built in stages based on people’s demand.

In 2017, Price Mohammed announced his plan to turn a remote region of the country into a high-tech semi-autonomous state that re-imagines urban life. He aims to attract foreign investments and aid in boosting the Saudi economy other than oil dependency.

According to the prince last year, the car-free linear city that will form Neom’s spine will cost up to $200 billion to build. However, that was before it was decided to include gigantic horizontal buildings.

Member of Neom’s advisory board, Ali Shihabi said, “When people talk about The Line, they see a futuristic Hyperloop, Star Wars-type of entity, but when The Line was presented to the board, I saw a highly intelligent, well-thought-out sustainable modern city that will accommodate from laborers to billionaires and that will be built in stages, so it will follow demand”.