Saurabh Agarwal

Saurabh Agarwal

It is never easy to drive the legacy of a heritage brand ahead. There are many additional responsibilities to care for than just maintaining business success. One has to fight against the hoots of nepotism and build in a new trust for one’s own capabilities and Mr. Saurabh Agarwal’s association with the Kamdhenu Group is a stellar example of how that is done. The spirited leader not only multiplied the growth on charts for the group but also led its diversification in the challenging yet thriving segment of paints. Today, he is a whole-time director of the group and looks closely at the development and promotion of its paints segment. Ambitious and energetic, Mr. Agarwal vows for growth with vision. Adding his dynamism to the company’s top management, he believes in the flawless functioning of the company’s manufacturing unit.


Mr. Saurabh Agarwal was an inquisitive kid, which made him learn a few tricks of the trade from his family at a very young age. The bright-eyed young boy grew up to attain his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and started his professional journey as a technical executive in 1998.

He launched Kamdhenu Paints in the year 2008 and just within a few years made its presence felt in the highly competitive paints market with strong backing and support of Kamdhenu Limited, a leader in building materials space.

The company has deployed state-of-theart automatic machines, tinting machine technology to help customers make an informed choice. It benefits from the robust network, research and development expertise and technological efficiency that is the hallmark of Kamdhenu Group, which Mr. Agarwal leads from the front.


Mr. Saurabh Agarwal keeps a tight vigil on every section of the work and contributes to every team with his strong technical and business knowledge. A troubleshooter within the company, he keeps monitoring the well-functioning and maximum output of all the production units. His zeal for innovation resulted in the introduction of Tinting machine technology in Kamdhenu Paints to enable the customers to make an informed choice.

Post the massive fire incident at its paint manufacturing unit at Chopanki in April2019, with the efforts of Mr. Agarwal, the plant resumed its partial operation within six months and is expected to restore complete operations in the next six months. In order to maintain the flawless supply of material to the dealer network, he immediately started outsourcing material from third party manufacturers by deputing own technical team to ensure the quality of products to ultimate consumer.

Adding to the economic viability of Kamdhenu’s products, Mr. Agarwal has been monitoring the company’s Research & Development (R&D) facility and enabling research and technological development.


Under his astute guidance, the company is targeting to become the top paint brand in India in the next five years. Apart from that, Mr. Agarwal is investing in the manufacturing of Low-VOC and High-SRI value products to lead the business with an eco-friendly edge. A genius leader, Mr. Agarwal made Kamdhenu paints a leading brand within a very short time period, adding great numbers to the group’s yearly books.