Sindoor Mittal

Sindoor Mittal

Scalable, sustainable, and clean, renewable energy is the need of the hour in today’s times as it not only can serve the growing needs of the modern population but in turn, can ease the stress on conventional resources and the environment. The sector, though booming, boasts of very few names who are dedicated to the concept for its ecological benefits and not just its business gains, One such person is Ms. Sindoor Mittal, Vice-Chairperson of Avaada Group, a popular and successful name in the Indian solar energy sector.

The Group stands on the pillars of integrity, respect, passion, accountability, commitment, and trust and is striving hard to achieve its goal of impacting 5 million lives by 2022 with solar energy. Ms. Mittal is an integral part of all the activities that Avaada undertakes to make this dream a reality. Her grit, passion, and unwavering belief in her own capabilities guide her to take on any challenge that the job comes with and she faces it all with great confidence.


Born to Ms. Shobha Thakkar and Mr. Parashar Thakkar, who own and run a very competitive construction business, Ms. Mittal developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship at a very young age. This bright management graduate from Stanford Graduate School started her first business at the age of 24, after quitting her job at a $500 million private equity fund company. The business taught her the right attitude to be a leader. She discovered in herself a relentless desire to make a change in the world and started working towards that.

Today, she sits beside her husband, Mr. Vineet Mittal, on the board of Avaada and is responsible for leadership development and capital raising along with managing the company’s CSR activities. She is known within the industry for her smart thinking and often participates in media discussions around the state of renewable energy in the country. Ms. Mittal has some intelligent ideas around supporting the growth of the sector in the country and she has been a keen advocate of the government going back to closed auctions of renewable energy projects. She also insists that India’s pensions funds and insurance companies should actively invest in renewable sector like their global peers.


Ms. Sindoor Mittal is an inspiration to the dynamic team that she leads at Avaada but she believes that only inspiring someone is not enough to promote their growth. She, therefore, tries to empower her people. She is often seen mentoring the team to realize its true potential and prompts every member to work hard for achieving their goals. The vivacious leader has now developed a high performing team of dedicated and self-driven members who are now working with her to make Avaada the largest renewable energy company not just in India but globally.

Ms. Mittal reckons that only the empowered ones can reap the true benefits of any business and therefore she also takes an avid interest in the CSR activities of the company, which are directed towards changing the social fabric of the country by empowering every Indian. They do so by lighting up the country with clean, sustainable energy, and transforming the citizen’s lives by focusing on education, health, and the environment.