Shankar Mahadevan and Zakir Hussain Win Big At Grammy Awards
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Shankar Mahadevan and Zakir Hussain Win Big At Grammy Awards

Shankar Mahadevan and Zakir Hussain, along with their band Shakti, clinched the prestigious Best Global Music Album award for ‘This Moment’ at the 2024 Grammys. This win marked a significant victory for India on the international stage. Comprising guitarist John McLaughlin, percussionist V Selvaganesh, and violinist Ganesh Rajagopalan, Shakti’s fusion of talent and innovation propelled them to the forefront of global music recognition.

Released on June 30 of the previous year, ‘This Moment’ is an album that consists of eight mesmerising tracks created by McLaughlin, Hussain, Mahadevan, Selvaganesh, and Rajagopalan. It captivated audiences worldwide with its enchanting melodies and dynamic rhythms.

As the 66th Annual Grammy Awards unfolded in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Shakti’s resounding victory illuminated the richness and diversity of India’s musical heritage on a global scale. Shakti’s win highlighted their extraordinary musical talent among artists like Susana Baca, Bokante, Burna Boy, and Davido.

During his acceptance speech, Mahadevan extended gratitude to his fellow band members, expressing appreciation for their collective effort. He also acknowledged the unwavering support of his family, friends, and India, eliciting resounding cheers from the audience. Additionally, he dedicated the award to his wife, recognising her as a steadfast source of inspiration throughout his musical journey.