Shilpa Mittal

Shilpa Mittal

Shilpa began her career with a jewelry manufacturing company in Bangkok after completing her degree in jewellery designing from SNDT in Mumbai. She was very clear about the fact that she wanted to pursue jewellery designing over fashion designing because she adores the detailed, delicate, and meticulous handwork that goes into creating jewellery pieces.

She relied on her instincts and judgment to put her business ideas into action. She also worked tirelessly to foray into the jewellery design industry, eventually developing her brand and establishing a thriving company based on her passion and knowledge in the field. All the struggles have helped her evolve into a motivated, confident and humble person.


Shilpa claims that fear is the greatest impediment to success; thus, she never lets it get the better of her. The bold entrepreneur is never afraid of trying new things or experimenting with new ideas. She never sets limits for herself and is always looking for new opportunities to challenge herself. It is her courage and self-confidence that motivate her to stand strong even in the face of adversity.

She has always been optimistic about her aesthetic jewellery collections. She believes in her ability to innovate and create something truly extraordinary for her clients. A lot of thinking, planning, and hard work goes into each of her creations which does not cause her to question her ability or choices. Her collection “Aakriti’ is an example of a unique collection that grew out of sheer curiosity.

Shilpa places a high value on quality and honesty in her work, ensuring that each piece she produces becomes a priceless possession for its owner. At the same time, she ensures that her eye-catching creations make her clients feel exhilarated.

As a business owner, Shilpa is always looking for new ways to provide value to her customers. In response to the current pandemic situation and rising gold prices, she created the affordable “Shagun” collection wherein lightweight gold pieces in gorgeous geometrical patterns highlight the contemporary trends welded with India’s vibrant culture. She also emphasizes exceptional customer service to provide her customers with a one-of-a-kind purchasing experience.

The exquisite and delicate craftsmanship shown by Indian artisans never fails to fascinate her. Her collections – TARAASH” and “AAKRITI” – feature designs that reflect her unwavering commitment to ethnicity, values, and tradition. Her designs never fail to represent India’s diverse cultures and art forms admirably. Additionally, she looks for beauty and inspiration in everything, even the tiniest detail of nature.

A compassionate entrepreneur, she supports some of the highly skilled artisans of the nation. Since many of them are falling behind in terms of technology and innovation, she works to empower them and provide them with more work and opportunity for growth.


Shilpa’s designs have not only made an indelible impression on her clients, but also have helped her win multiple awards. Her first jewellery exhibition, which took place in Delhi, was a big hit. Many prestigious awards were bestowed upon her for her innovative designs, including the Best Jewellery Designer and Businesswoman award by India leadership awards. What’s more, her endeavors have also earned her the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” by National Excellence Award.