Dr. Republica Sridhar

Dr. Republica Sridhar

Dr. Sridhar aims at offering ethical service and improving the standards of palliative care in India. She opines that India’s palliative care scenario is transforming dramatically; therefore the leaders in this sector have to gear up to evolve accordingly. After having graduated from Sri Ramachandra University in 1992, she has been practicing as the Medical Director & Founder of RMD Nursing Home for over 25 years. Apart from providing medical care at RMD Nursing Home, she currently looks after the administration of the 120-bedded healthcare facility in four different locations at Chennai, Sriperumbudur, and Madurai. She is also the Founder Medical Director of RMD Specialties Hospital, a 50-bedded hospital that offers oncology, palliative, and geriatric care services at Amarambedu, Kundrathar, & Sriperumbudur District. Through RMD Pain Relief & Palliative Care Trust, she offers palliative and hospice services to patients from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Moreover, to make palliative care viable in India, she regularly conducts sensitization and training programs for healthcare workers to integrate pain management, palliative care, and geriatric care with hospitals. What’s more, the patients and their attendants are provided with a welcoming and relaxed environment to ensure that they get the best care.


Dr. Sridhar is the daughter of Mr. Ram Dave, the ex-Sheriff of Madras who was also a renowned philanthropist. Right from her childhood, she was exposed to philanthropic activities that inspired her to pursue her own philanthropic ventures as she grew up. Dr. Sridhar has been taking regular initiatives to train rural as well as urban youngsters from socio-economically disadvantaged families so as to employ them as caregivers and geriatric nurses. Under her guidance, women from rural parts of Tamil Nadu are educated, trained, and absorbed immediately in hospices and other palliative centers so that they can find their feet and become financially independent. Dr. Sridhar is a member of the Women Empowerment Forum. She is a strong advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Moreover, as a member of the Anti-women Domestic Violence Association, she takes measures to assist women who suffer silently in their homes. Other than spreading palliative and hospice care awareness, she regularly participates in CSR activities such as cancer awareness, Pink Movement, AIDS awareness, the Anti-tobacco movement, and much more.


Dr. Sridhar is the winner of many awards and accolades including the Mayan Award for Health and Fashion from Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi (the ex-Governor of Puducherry), Vasavi Ugadi Puraskar Award for exemplary contribution to society and humanity, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement, Justice Dr. K. S. Sanjivi Award for Home Care and Elderly Patients Care Service in 2016, Spirit of Humanity Award 2015 for contribution in the field of livelihood, Global Achievers Award 2015 for Excellent Performance and Outstanding Contribution for the Progress of the Nation and the World, among others.

She has been dedicatedly contributing as a faculty in the Indian Association of Palliative Care, Umaiyal Achi College of Nursing, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Balaji Nursing College, MAC Nursing College, and Skill Development MES Course, among others.