Siddharth Kothari

Siddharth Kothari

Thirty-years-old Siddharth Kothari graduated in Business Management from Questrom School of Business, Boston University. He started his career in 2013 by investing in stocks and entered the world of start-ups in 2016. Because of his interest in diverse fields, he has invested in multiple business verticals. More than 12 companies, including ClearDekho, ApnaComplex, Beardo, Wishberry, Shaadi Saga, Innov8 and Gretex, are under his start-up portfolio.

He provides material assistance to these firms and aids them with mentorship and guidance. In addition, he is an early investor and partner in Venture Catalyst and 2Point2 Capital and a limited partner in Carpe Diem.


Investment is not just business for this young leader. Siddharth takes it as mediation. Each new venture allows him to dive deep into a pool of knowledge as he studies the product, service and sector before investing. Taking big risks, experimenting and constantly working towards the goal has made him one of the most influential young leaders of the country. He learns and evolves when he fails at something and never loses hope.

Taking risks gives him more confidence and helps him gain significant profits. Siddharth doesn’t make hasty decisions and gets involved in the company’s everyday affairs. He focuses on those entrepreneurs, who have an innate drive towards achieving their goals.

The young investor considers each investment as an opportunity to connect and understand each product, service or sector that has the potential to add value to the lives of people.

For Siddharth, a good investor is one who keeps learning constantly, either through books, movies, conferences or interactions with entrepreneurs and investors. His passion for cinema has resulted in him financing films produced by Wishberry Productions.


Planning, vision and hard work make start-ups successful. It was not easy for Siddharth to shift from stock investment to these ventures. He makes financial deals with only those start-ups whose founders are passionate about their offerings and have a concrete step-by-step plan for their companies’ growth. The founder may not have a renowned degree but should know the product and the industry inside out. Siddharth helps start-ups with their capital requirements, connecting them with an established network, mentoring them, and leveraging their strengths. He offers them the HR platform he is associated with and lends funds at a reasonable interest rate.


Siddharth wants to leave a positive impact on society and the environment. He desires to touch millions of lives, especially the innocent animals killed mercilessly for food and material. Being a vegan, he feels ethically aligned and linked with vegan companies. He believes that it is the responsibility of human beings to protect the environment. He feels that veganism makes humans healthy, helps our planet replenish, and saves many animals from cruelty. With this view, he has invested in many plant-based companies such as GoodMylk and Arata in India and Rebellyous Foods and Eat Just abroad. He is even a Partner at Ahimsa VC, India’s first fund investing exclusively in sustainable alternatives to animal-based products.