Serene Envirotech Solutions, a pioneer in the preventive healthcare and wellness domain, was born with a vision to become a world class, scientifically-proven, and effective solution provider to improve the longevity and quality of human lives.

The company optimally utilises its expertise and experience to fulfill its vision and mission. It undertakes extensive research and development to deliver products and services that are eco-friendly, high-performing, and give value to the end-user through constant innovations.

The organisation has strong and dedicated professionals who work for environmental sustainability and impart an understanding of sustainability focused products and services to the community. It aims to develop appropriate channels for reaching out to centres for wellness and alternative therapies and health clinics.

Serene Envirotech Solutions endeavours to shift the focus away from chemical-based products and services used in our day-to-day lives to more natural, safe, cost-effective, and yet powerful solutions for a healthier and sustainable future. To accomplish the objective, the company keeps on looking for the latest R&D based developments of natural therapies, technologies, equipment, and makes them available to the community for their well-being.


With the vision and mission to develop eco-friendly healthcare solutions, Serene Envirotech Solutions has launched state-of-the-art products that produce hydrogen, a potent antioxidant, under the umbrella brand udazH. Multiple studies have shown that molecular hydrogen has beneficial effects in diverse human diseases.

The udazH Hydrogen Water Bottle is an excellent solution for the easy generation of hydrogen water, which can be consumed within minutes. It generates hydrogen-infused water for human consumption. In addition, it has launched udazH Hydrogen Inhaler, a hydrogen-generating machine with dual use technology that enables two users to use it simultaneously. It is India’s first portable molecular hydrogen generating machine and a next-gen personal wellness tool designed with state-of-the-art features. The only ingredients that are required to use udazH Inhaler is pure water and electricity, and for hydrogen water bottle normal drinking water can be used.

All the products of the company are chemical-free, convenient, cost effective, safe, and portable, which gives the end-users the added advantage of shifting the equipment wherever they want without wasting time, money, and effort. Many consumers have vouched for the excellent and high-quality performance of these products, and become loyal ambassadors/endorsers of the brand.


National Awards For Leadership and Excellence awarded udazH for its pioneering work in the field of Healthcare and Wellness in 2022.

National Awards “Fastest Growing FMCG product in Healthcare and Wellness” for brand udazH and “Most Admired Entrepreneur” for Dr. Babu for Leadership and Excellence for pioneering work in the field of Healthcare and Wellness in 2022.

In 2021, Serene Envirotech Solutions appointed famous Indian actress and social worker, Bhagyashree as its brand ambassador. She shared her first-hand experience of udazH as a subtle uptick in her sense of well-being after an hour’s session with the inhalator each day. The actor will help the company spread awareness about the several benefits of udazH for preventive and therapeutic healthcare.