Sobtis Public School

Sobtis Public School

As a coeducational institute, Sobtis Public School, Bareilly, is making learning a catalyst for drawing out the hidden potential of the students and is preparing them to meet the global challenges while simultaneously ingraining the traditional Indian values in them.


In today’s fast changing world when limitless opportunities are opening up for the young, the school is extra watchful of the dangers that confront the young generation and is concerned about the escalating alienation of adolescents.

The institute vehemently believes that the traditional Indian values which have been passed on to us over the ages are quiet relevant even today, and intends to instill the values of kindness, integrity, courtesy and respect for elders and teachers, truthfulness, ahimsa or non-violence (towards the environment – whether living or inanimate) in the students.

Besides ensuring that the students develop emotional strength and sound character, and achieve academic success, Sobtis Public School also provides the students with a conducive atmosphere to enable them to grapple with problems, learn to draw on a variety of resources and construct their own meaning rather than accepting narrow definitions and rote-based learning.

The school has emerged as an abode of holistic learning where the students feel cared about, welcomed, valued and are seen as more than just learners and their uniqueness is valued.