Somanaathan Sridharan
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Somanaathan Sridharan

A Multifaceted Leader with a Distinguished Track Record

Sridharan has proved himself a dynamic leader who is capable of handling multiple tasks concurrently. With a vast experience of over 20 years in the FMCG category, Somanaathan Sridharan has an in-depth understanding of sales & marketing, manufacturing operations, General management, business development, change management, and innovation. He is a multi-talented individual with an excellent record of initiating and leading turnaround strategies in complex multichannel distribution environments with international exposure. It is his strategic leadership style that motivates his team to set clear goals and achieve organisational objectives.

Sridharan began his career as a sales representative in 1991 at ICL Marketing Ltd of the Maharaja Organization. Since then, his career graph has been on a rise as he has been involved in the management of various significant positions that require utmost dedication and responsibility at Lion Beer Celon Ltd & Keells Food Products Ltd. until 2007. Prior to joining CBL, he had led the International Business unit of Orange Electric in Sri Lanka facilitating the growth of Orange Electric in the Global Arena. His precise acumen in decisionmaking provided him with the opportunity to head the Globe manufacturing Ltd, of the W.R. Carpenter Group in Papua New Guinea and to drive the company to a multi folded growth with significant international business revenue in commodity exports.

Sridharan’s approach towards business has always been future-driven. He has gained considerable expertise in various areas including finance, budgeting, cost management, supply management, public relations, media affairs, sales, and marketing leadership. He consistently endeavours to keep himself updated on the latest advancements so as to mould his business strategies according to different market requirements.


Since taking the reins of CBL in 2015, Sridharan has been pivotal in moving the Business from strength to strength. Under his leadership, Ceylon Biscuits Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited has become a force to be reckoned in Bangladesh.

His innovation-driven leadership has spurred remarkable organizational growth, besides making CBL as the Fastest Growing Confectionery Biscuits Brand in Bangladesh and making inroads in to newer food category products for the changing consumer needs of the Bangladeshi Market.