Sustainable Outreach and Universal Leadership Limited (SOUL), founded in 2021, is a pioneering consultancy firm specialising in business transformation strategy with a strong focus on sustainability. Through process realignment, organisation restructuring, skill development, smart negotiation and contracting, and digitalisation, it empowers clients to enhance operational efficiency, capital productivity, and workplace harmony. With a client-centred approach, SOUL not only advises on transformative strategies, but also actively supports implementation to ensure clients achieve the desired outcomes of making a positive impact on their business and the environment

Under the visionary leadership of its Chairperson, Prof. Sasmita Samanta, SOUL has carved a niche for itself in a remarkably short span. Headquartered in Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India, the organisation is committed to offering practical and unique solutions to its clients.

As a leading name in educational aid design and deployment, SOUL offers enterprise solutions for the efficient management of business processes of diverse educational institutions. It provides comprehensive business solutions, encompassing infrastructure services to IT-enabled services, including digital, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT). Armed with a proficient team, the firm approaches every challenge with a sense of responsibility, sincerity, and fairness.


SOUL caters to diverse sectors such as Education, Skill Development, Health and Social Wellness, Rural Development, Agriculture, Disaster Management & Resilience, and Energy & Smart Infrastructure. With its multiple domain expertise, it brings innovative tech-driven solutions for empowering communities and fostering sustainable development. For instance, its game-changing ERP solution ‘EduLead’ has revolutionised institutions like the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), streamlining processes from admission and finance management to library services. It has been designed and implemented in collaboration with several IT companies to provide customised solutions for universities, ensuring efficient management and fostering growth in the academic ecosystem.

SOUL’s commitment to advanced technologies is also evident through its Sustainable Smart Campus solution. Partnering with leading IT companies, it has transformed institutions like KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) and KISS. The solution facilitates online teaching, automates tedious tasks and offers innovative features like smart rooms, energy management, and paperless file management. Its GPS-based tracking enables students, faculty, and staff members to enjoy seamless transport management.

SOUL has also partnered with colleges and IT companies to design and implement IoT in educational institutions. Its IoT ecosystem thrives on a web of cutting-edge smart devices featuring embedded processors, sensors, and seamless communication hardware. These devices adeptly gather, transmit, and respond to data from their surroundings. Facilitating seamless data sharing, they connect to IoT gateways or edge devices, enabling analysis in the cloud or locally. By implementing IoT in educational institutions, SOUL spearheads enhanced campus security and intelligent environment monitoring.

human-robot interactions. These gesture-rich yet cost-effective robots have found application in education, communication and other industries. With strategic partnerships across schools, colleges, and various industries, including banks, shopping malls, hospitals, corporations, offices, and companies, SOUL’s feature-rich creations are revolutionising the way we interact with robots. While SOUL’s vision drives them forward, it’s their employee-centric culture that keeps the wheels turning. The firm ensures that its employees flourish in a supportive and nurturing environment.


One of the key areas where SOUL is making a significant impact is in the implementation of the Wireless Access Network Interface (WANI) framework envisioned by the Government of India. The framework aims to enable the last-mile broadband connectivity through a network of public Wi-Fi access points. Under this distributed architecture and unbundling of functions, the WANI ecosystem will be operated by different players, including APP providers and Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOAs). SOUL has the distinction of being the first to register as a PDOA and APP provider in the state of Odisha, making significant strides in bridging the digital divide and empowering communities with reliable internet access.

Additionally, SOUL, in collaboration with KIIT Deemed to be University, is actively engaged in conducting baseline surveys for the Deputy Director of Horticulture in Sundargarh and Angul districts of Odisha. These surveys aim to gather crucial data on demographic, social, economic, and farming-related aspects of farmers in various blocks of these districts. Approximately 15,000 respondents will be covered for both the projects. The insights derived from these surveys will be utilised to formulate effective strategies for promoting and enhancing farming activities in the selected regions. These strategies will be implemented through the establishment and sustainable operation of Agriculture Production Clusters.