Spay India

Spay India

The fintech sector is one of the most thriving sectors of the Indian economy. It has received maximum investment, seen the highest growth, and contributed the most to the economy. However, inclusion of the marginalized is still a far cry in the realm of banking and finance. Spay India is dedicated to changing this trend.

A well-known brand in the fintech market, Spay India focuses on serving communities that have been historically ignored by the banking sector. The brand offers many essential financial services such as insurance, Aadhaar enabled payment systems, recharge, bill payments, money transfers, travel bookings, and other benefits.

There are several fintech unicorns that are running successfully in India. Spay India differentiates itself from others by running its business with a mission – to help accredit every underserved community in society. The company enables money transfers to people who do not even hold bank accounts.


The mission to serve each customer group in the economy involves financial transactions. Understanding this, Spay India has built its platform as a hub for multiple financial services, such as, domestic money transfers, bill payments, AEPS, insurance, micro-ATM, POS, recharges, and other services that help consumers daily.

Many people in the economy’s lower middle and lower class are unbanked. Therefore, working at a community level rather than relying solely on technology is essential to improve their financial condition. Keeping this in mind, Spay India has built a massive network of distributors.


It is often said that a brand is as good as the team working behind it. If that is true, Spay India is destined to become a great brand. Nikhilesh Tiwari, a well-known name in the fintech world, is the CEO and Founder of the company. Along with his team, he has built a strong brand in a brief span.

Spay India might be young, but its team has an admirable experience of quality work in the sector. Its CEO has 16 years of experience in the sales and growth departments in the fintech sector.

Nikhilesh Tiwari started as a field agent for fintech companies, converting telecom shops into mini banks to help retailers get services in their neighbourhoods. Hard work and sheer determination helped him rise through the ranks and reach the top level in the industry.


The journey of Spay India started in 2018 when Nikhilesh Tiwari left his previous company and decided to start his venture in the emerging fintech industry. He soon met Sunil Dhawan — the Co-Founder of Spay India — and planted the seed of what would soon become one of the most reliable financial service-providing start-ups in India.

The founders had the required experience, and they knew the problems in the BFSI sector that remained to be solved by any company. So, they built a team of hard-working professionals and launched Spay Technology Private Limited – the registered company behind Spay India.


Spay India has achieved multiple milestones. The company is doing business worth Rs 1,300 crore monthly by serving more than 15 million people. Within a short span of around four years, it has grown its agent base to more than 40,000. Recently, the brand was given the “Top 10 Best Fintech – 2022” award by the CIO Insight Magazine. The CEO of Spay India also received the Indian Icon Award 2021-22 for bringing dynamism to work.