Stricter social distancing rules imposed in South Korea
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Stricter social distancing rules imposed in South Korea

A few weeks after easing Covid19 restrictions, South Korea is all set to reinstate stricter rules, which includes social distancing in public and also indoors. The new restrictions begin from January 2, wherein not more than four people who are not fully vaccinated can gather in one place. Restaurants, cafes and bars have been asked to shut by 9 p.m. and movie theatres and internet cafes by 10 p.m.

Restaurant owners issued a series of statements protesting the decision which will see them make big losses, and will stage a rally next week.

South Korea’s daily coronavirus tallies continue to grow, adding to strains on the country’s medical system. Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum told an intra-agency meeting the government is making all-out efforts to overcome the pressing crisis by expanding the country’s medical capacity and vaccination campaign. He further said that they can go beyond this crisis only by beating down the current spread as soon as possible through strong social distancing.

Kim also said the government will soon announce plans for “even larger financial support” for the businesses which will get affected by the new restrictions.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency has been reporting more than 7,000 cases each day this week.