E’Clat Superior

E’Clat Superior

E’Clat Superior entered the market with high-quality and clinically-proven skincare products. Today, with its outstanding range of products, the brand has become a favourite among skincare lovers.

A minimalist yet effective skincare routine involves the following steps: cleanse, treat, and then moisturize. E’Clat Superior offers products that work at all these three steps. A few of its most loved products are Vitamin C serum, Retinol serum, Acne cleansing face wash, and Acne detox mask.


The most effective products are those which are made by the people who get the chance to do what they love. So, it comes as a no surprise when the brand’s founder, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, said that the team behind E’Clat Superior lives, breathes, and loves making skincare products. So, every E’Clat Superior product has energy and passion infused in it. Empirical knowledge of skin science is used to create E’Clat Superior products. Not only do the products nourish the skin but also give outstanding benefits like even-toned skin, reduction in fine lines, faded pigmentation, and protection from environmental damage in the long term.


Today, E’Clat Superior products are used by more than a million people globally. This astronomic growth is led by the trust that dermatologists and aestheticians have shown in the products. What backs this trust is the clinically-proven formulations for long-term benefits and better efficacy.

Another group of people that use and promote E’Clat Superior products are makeup artists and skinfluencers. They share glowing results of the brand’s products on different social media platforms. Video tutorials, experiences, and stories by real people have added credibility factor to the brand.

When dermatologists, aestheticians, markup artists, skinfluencers – all suggest the same brand, what follows is tremendous growth. The brand is witnessing a sharp acceleration in its online sales. On a year-over-year basis, the online sales of E’Clat Superior products are increasing by 200+ percent.


Since the past few months, some or other product of the brand is making headlines every now and then. However, among these, the E’Clat Superior Serum has broken records in terms of social media popularity and sales. The unique formula of serum has proven to be highly effective in treating fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. On top of that, it also provides ultra-hydration to the skin.

What makes the serum so different from other serums in the market is its unique formulation. Unlike most serums available in the market, it works on all skin colours and on the skin of people of all ages. It breaks all the stigmas and stereotypes around skincare.


No doubt that E’Clat products are loved by both skincare-conscious customers and beauty advisors. However, there is more to its popularity. While the love of people is shown in the sales numbers, the love of beauty experts is shown by the number of awards E’Clat Superior products have received in the recent times.

The long list of awards won by E’Clat includes Femina Power Brands, The Economics Times Prestigious Brands 2020-21, and many others. Along with that, major publications like Dailyhunt, The India Saga, Yahoo News, and The Indian Express have also published the brand’s phenomenal journey and the reviews of the quality products made by the brand.