Syska LED

Syska LED

Syska LED lights are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. They provide simple and lasting lighting solutions to the user. Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability have put Syska LED light years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market. Every LED light made by Syska LED is crafted to meet global standards. Syska LED lights not only have the right technology, but they also perform with ease. They are developed specially to optimize their output, outshining many other lights in the market. In a nutshell, Syska LED lights are superior-quality light products, sold at fair prices.

Syska LED lights offer a wide range of international-quality LED lighting solutions, for varied applications providing effective and energyefficient lighting in any environment.

Their usage ranges from residential and retail to commercial and industrial applications. Syska LED lights are fully integrated into the systematic structure of the overall lighting product range. This allows lighting designers the freedom to use LED lighting tools and to seamlessly combine them with conventional products. Almost all products are ULcertified bearing LM 79 test report. As the future unfolds, Syska LED will play a pivotal role in shifting lighting usage from power-hungry conventional and CFL lighting to LEDs – a process, that must take India and the world light years ahead.

While other brands already had LED lighting in their product portfolio, no one was focusing on creating a category out of it. Driven by the thinking of creating products that better life and living conditions, Syska spearheaded the creation of LED lights category.

The market had earlier evolved from incandescent bulbs and tube lights to CFL, making CFL as the high point in lighting innovation. It was Syska that drove the market beyond CFL and brought in a new revolution of LED lights.


LED lights were available in the strip form initially, making it difficult and cost-intensive for the consumers to switch from other forms of light to the LED lights.

Syska broke this consumption barrier by providing ‘retro-fit bulbs’, which could easily fit into the conventional bulb sockets, thus making it easy for consumers to switch to LED lights. Syska now has a comprehensive portfolio of 600 plus SKUs catering to Homes, Offices, Industry and Outdoor segments.


Syska LED lights’ brand proposition ‘save energy’ is not merely restricted to the products that it offers, it also extends as a value proposition into the life of consumers. In many ways, Syska has been able to influence consumers’ opinion and perception about energy, as it is not just about buying Syska products, but also about buying into the idea of saving/ conserving energy.

Syska has played a key role in making the consumers aware and move towards energy-efficient lighting solutions, which is critical for the betterment of the society, nation and the world as a whole.

Syska is not a brand that just wants to create a buying preference for its products, it believes in facilitating better life and living conditions for the benefit of all.