Taliban Announces Hardline Government As Protests Grow

Taliban Announces Hardline Government As Protests Grow

On Tuesday, the Taliban announced their government with an Un-Blacklisted veteran of the hardline movement in the top role. It came weeks after they swept to power and toppled the US-backed president.

In the transition of the Taliban from militant force to governing power of Afghanistan, two people were shot dead in the western city of Herat amid security officials grappling with a growing number of protests against its rule.

A spokesman said at a press conference that a senior minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund was appointed as an acting prime minister. All the top positions were handed to key leaders from the movement and Haqqani network. The Haqqani network is the most violent branch of the Taliban known for its devastating attacks. The positions were handed due to an inclusive government that was promised by the Taliban will reflect the ethnic makeup of the country.

Zabiullah Mujahid said that they will try to take people from other parts of the country. The secretive supreme leader of the Taliban Habitullah Akhundzada who was never seen in public released a statement shortly after the new lineup that said that the new government would work hard towards upholding ‘Islamic rules’ and ‘sharia law’.