Thai Airways

Thai Airways

Thai Airways serves as integrated airfreight for many domestic as well as international flights by focusing on customer satisfaction, industry safety standards, and convenience. Being the founding member of the Star Alliance, Thai Airways flies to over 37 countries and around 84 destinations.


Thai Airways is one of the major airlines owned by the Thai government. With more people opting for air travel, it strives to make the passenger experience memorable with every flight. Using a fleet of over 90 aircrafts, Thai Airways has been constantly improving its services, including in-flight meals, seating and technology. Based on the passenger experience and confidence in the company, Thai Airways has won the trust of its customers over the years, making it one of the best airlines.


Thai Airways has segregated its services into two parts – airline business and airline supporting business, which provides more flexibility in carrying out flight operations. While the airline business primarily deals with the transport of passengers and goods, the airline supporting business helps in the airline kitchen unit, product commerce and postal unit, ground business unit and Thai Smile business unit.


Along with safety and comfort, passengers get value for money with Thai Airways. Along with the economy class, it also features Royal Silk Class and Royal First Class. Thai Smile, which came into being in 2011, is a low-cost airline and a whollyowned subsidiary of Thai Airways. Within two years, Thai Smile has made an annual profit of about 5 million Baht by winning the confidence of passengers.


One of the innovative initiatives of Thai Airways includes the use of biofuels by commercial flights. This initiative was started in 2011 and named as ‘Travel Green’. This initiative, which is in collaboration with the Thai government, has helped Thailand to become the ‘bio hub’ of Asia and also reduce carbon emissions. In response to the environmental issues faced by the world today, Travel Green is a promising undertaking to help tackle these issues by reducing fuel consumption and by choosing an environment-friendly alternative.


Thai Airways, with the help of its maintenance services, is one of the most trustworthy air freight companies in Thailand. With ample capacity and ontime schedules, the airline helps in the delivery of commodities, postal items and cargo. Passengers also get to track their cargo, which helps to forge trust and reliability on the company’s services. For non-hazardous general cargo, Thai Airways provides excellent services in terms of cost, speed, and safety. By utilizing world-class technology and communication networks, Thai Airways enables hassle-free transport of dry cargo, personal items, and other goods with airline’s freight services.