The US to lift the ban on the land border for fully vaccinated travelers
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The US to lift the ban on the land border for fully vaccinated travelers

The United Nations is all set to reopen its land border from next month, for fully vaccinated travelers. The country plans to lift its nineteen-month freeze to nonessential travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The US has heavily limited travel to the essentials between Canada, Mexico, and the US, such as a vehicle, rail, or ferries. Both Canada and Mexico have pressured the US government for months to lift the restriction on travel for those people who have separated from their families.

On Wednesday, the government plans to announce the rule regardless of the reason to travel, starting in early November. A similar easing of restriction will be seen in the next month for air travel into the county. The date is not fixed yet for both by the officials.

On Tuesday evening, the senior administration officials previewed the new policy on the condition of anonymity to be discussed before the formal announcement. The recent decision was an outcome of last month’s announcement that the US will end country-based travel bans for air travel and rather will need vaccination for foreign nationals seeking to enter via airplane.

Those who plan to enter illegally will be subjected to expulsion under Title 42 authority first invoked by former President Donald Trump.