Tribe Student Accommodation

Tribe Student Accommodation

Safe and comfortable accommodation is the basic necessity of students, particularly the girl students studying at venues away from home. The high calibre team of Tribe Student Accommodation executives has exquisitely planned hostels with adorable structures, aesthetic interiors, and the latest design to strike the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and luxury. Special attention is paid to facility management, quality food, timely food delivery, use of technology, and over-all operations at the hostels.


Realizing that the accommodation options for students studying away from home are limited to campus, private hostels, and paying guest accommodations ridden with a lot of problems, Tribe Student Accommodation founded a housing complex with the latest amenities and a congenial environment to facilitate all-round development of the inmates. It offers multiple luxury amenities like key-less & cashless campus, attached bathrooms, round-the-clock café, study zone, fitness center, laundry facilities, job fairs, emergency medical services, housekeeping facilities, foolproof female security and entertainment avenues.

Due to its innovative business model, it has been featured in several major publications. What’s more, it has also been bestowed with India’s Best Design Project Award 2019, and the Student Housing Project of the Year 2019 Award.