Trina Bhattacharya

Trina Bhattacharya

Trina Bhattacharya is a leader extraordinaire who has climbed the corporate ladder quickly because of her determination and out-of the-box thinking. She spearheads the business operations of Saitech Solutions, a prominent IT solutions and outsourcing company that has clients worldwide. With a fruitful and insightful experience of 10+ years and an exposure to multiple areas of work such as creation of new market opportunities, establishment and management of effective workforce, and business development, she is one of the finest magnates in the industry.


Trina, alongside her husband Randeep, has founded, supported, and promoted Saitoead hunting services in Thailand. Even during some of the unfavourable times, she remained assured that her efforts would bear fruit.

Her journey through the evolution of the group somehow perfectly epitomizes the fabled Black Swan’s flight. Trina, being highly emphatic and deeply insightful, never for once swayed from her commitment to the group and prudently envisioned the roadmap to where the group is at present.


Trina’s in-depth knowledge on entrepreneurship and her effervescent personality attracts admiration not only from aspiring businesswomen, but from people of all age groups too.

Always brimming with confidence, she speaks confidently and with unmatchable conviction. Everyone around her looks up to her as a highly motivated, proactive, and an energetic individual. She is a woman who combines poise and panache in a captivating blend.


Trina exemplifies what it means to have the right skill set to rise in the corporate world. Possessing a wellplanned approach to create a market for products, leveraging corporate insights to decide the future course of the company, and working passionately to uphold work ethics, Trina is gifted with a knack to rise in today’s corporate world. She has covered the path from an aspiring businesswoman to becoming one of the most acknowledged entrepreneurs with an unbending ‘Can Do’ attitude.

Her strong communication skills help her network and maintain long-lasting relationships with the industry clients and stakeholders. For consistent positive results, she creates the right atmosphere to work and encourages her team members to perform exceptionally well.


Trina believes that women empowerment is not just about jobs to empower women, but it’s actually the other way around; it is about the women who empower the roles they choose to be in. Trina designed the work flow processes, constructed longstanding relationships with stakeholders, and built teams that worked with zeal and vigour under her able leadership. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her business plans.

The young entrepreneur is all set to climb many more summits of success and break many more stereotypes.