Dr. Nahathai Thewphaingarm

Dr. Nahathai Thewphaingarm

Founded by Dr. Nahathai in 1975, the Group has evolved greatly over the years and its teaching methodologies are on par with the best teaching techniques across the world. The Group has a dedicated and determined team of teachers, administrators, assistants and support staff. The entire team is committed to creating an environment that helps every student to learn effectively. The team ensures a safe environment that allows kids to grow, both personally and academically.


Under the leadership of Dr. Nahathai, the school emphasises the concepts of smart learning and smart thinking for its students. Smart Learning is a learning programme in which teachers help students in honing their skills in seeking knowledge and decision-making. A wholesome learning programme as this is created to align their skill set with today’s world.

In the same way, Smart Thinking is another training programme that seeks to enhance the thought process of the students. This involves a strong focus on science education, which integrates programming, robot building and mathematics projects to equip students to become achievers in the future.

Apart from smart learning and smart thinking, the third training programme – Smart Living or Living Happily – enables students to understand the basic concepts of life. Living in harmony with others, respecting culture and society are all taught to them under this programme.

Dr. Nahathai ensures that parents of all pupils are kept in the loop concerning all the developments in the schools. The schools keep them updated with their child’s improvement and progress. She is keen to utilize this close partnership with the parents to take the Group to even greater heights.


Dr. Nahathai believes that it would be profitable for the students if they are taught in a system that is considered to be the best by a lot of people across the globe. The schools utilize the Canadian system of teaching, which is considered to be one of the best in the world, to enable students to adapt to newer styles of teaching. For example, they would be able to adjust easily in Canada, if they were to look for a career there. So, to broaden their horizons, the Canadian teaching method has been adopted at the schools.

Canada, which is an educational superpower, has some of the best students in any field, be it science, math or art. The Canadian system, which has already been endorsed by many firms, has received appreciation from many countries across the world. By acquainting her students with this system, she aspires to create global citizens from her schools.


Dr. Nahathai is aware of the responsibility of ingraining the right set of moral values and virtues in young minds. Under her guidance, the schools have introduced various projects in the educational curriculum that are aimed at teaching ethics. Good People Sri Thew Project, the Friendly Thew Project, the Moral Camp & exchange programmes with foreign countries are some of the best ways to promote these values in students.