UAE set to launch 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa
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UAE set to launch 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa

The United Arab Emirates is expected to launch its new five-year multiple-entry tourist visa, to boost tourism to the country, particularly in Dubai. The attempt is mainly to focus on Indian travelers, who make up the highest number of visitors to the gulf nation. Emirates Airlines will soon start the Airbus A380 service from Bengaluru to Dubai on October 30, which would increase the number of tourists and business flyers.

Bader Ali Habib, South Asia International Operations region head of the Dubai department of economy and tourism, who hosted the Dubai Tourism evening in Bengaluru on Tuesday, said that the new visa for tourists would draw more travelers from India, especially from Bengaluru.

“From January to June, we had over 8.5 lakh Indians fly to Dubai…,” he added. He said that there were no plans to introduce e-visas soon.

“Over 8.5 lakh Indians flying to Dubai from January to June is indeed a clear sign of tourists returning to their favorite destination in the UAE post-pandemic after we relaxed most Covid rules,” Habib added.

Habib further said the five-year multiple entry visa would be put into action this year, and apart from that, there was no further information available. Currently, Indians traveling to the UAE have the facility of a 30 to 90-day visa which is processed within three days of application through authorized agents.