Ukraine Urges India to Consider Kyiv’s G20 Participation

Ukraine Urges India to Consider Kyiv’s G20 Participation

Underlining closer cooperation between Kyiv and New Delhi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Emine Dzhaparova suggested how India can play a bigger role in the ongoing war.

During her first official visit to India since the start of the Ukraine war in February last year, Dzhaparova said, “Ukraine really wants India to come closer to it. We had different pages in history but now Ukraine is gaining independence. We are now capable of being the subject, not the object.”

Speaking at a think tank in New Delhi, Dzhaparova called for restarting the relationship between India and Ukraine, and said that both the countries have a better and deeper relationship. “India is witnessing visionary changes and it may take some time for it to build new relations with Ukraine, and the ties should be based on a “pragmatic and balanced approach,” she added.

The Ukraine minister said that India through its G20 presidency can spotlight the crisis in Ukraine by inviting Ukrainian officials to the G-20 events and summit, which will be held in September and that his President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be happy to address. “Today India plays a very important role in the world. The presidency of G20 brings additional responsibility. India may take this leadership by involving Ukraine in its agenda and helping Ukraine to bring its story. People-to-people contact is the best way to communicate,” said Dzhaparova.