UN seeks record $4.4 Billion for Afghanistan

UN seeks record $4.4 Billion for Afghanistan

As part of the UN’s aid coordination office, Britain, Germany, and Qatar have launched their largest-ever appeal for funds for a single country in an attempt to collect USD 4.4 billion to help Afghanistan. A decidedly ambitious bid to assist the impoverished country again run by Taliban militants at a time when most of the world’s attention is fixed on the war in Ukraine.

Head of the U.N. Office for the coordination of the Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffith said that Ukraine is of vital importance, but Afghanistan calls out souls for commitment and loyalty. Ahead of the pledge drive, the humanitarian program is appealing to save lives.

Griffith said that he has no doubt that they will not achieve the target of $4.4 billion tomorrow in pledge but, they will work on it. It is three times what the agency asked for Afghanistan a year earlier, an amount donors met.

​​The Afghanistan economy is in free fall less than a year after Taliban fighters toppled its internationally supported government. The UN estimates that 23 million people are food insecure.

The aid agency suggested that while donor countries have mostly shunned the Taliban, fearful that its repressive rule might return, political and economic engagement from abroad should return one day as well.