US, EU collaborate on chip making and Russia disinformation

US, EU collaborate on chip making and Russia disinformation

The United States and the European Union have collaborated to enhance the manufacturing of microchips and see to Russian false information around the war in Ukraine.

The two sides came together outside Paris as part of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), a council that was formed in 2021 and predominantly targeted to hit back at China’s growing power in technology. But much of their discussions centered on Russia and blamed Moscow for an “all-out assault on the truth”. They promised to deal with Russian disinformation accusing Moscow of blaming Western sanctions for the scarcity of food supply in Asia and Africa. EU and US officers vowed to give the business of chip manufacturing the maximum obtainable subsidies, but they would require funds to stay away from “subsidy races”.

 EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager told a public briefing in Saclay, a technology hub in the south-western suburbs of Paris, that the damage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine can be seen spreading all over the world. The forum also said it would boost access to “trustworthy and fact-based information” by rendering support like funding.

 The working groups of TTC, which held its first meeting in September 2021 in Pittsburgh, USA, look into issues from Artificial Intelligence to the management of exports.