Elisabeth Borne appointed France’s new Prime Minister

Elisabeth Borne appointed France’s new Prime Minister

Elisabeth Borne, 61, was appointed France’s new prime minister following the resignation of Prime Minister Jean Castex on Monday, to become only the second woman in the history of France to hold the post. The first woman Prime Minister of France was Edith Cresson, who ruled from 1991 to 1992 under Socialist President Francois Mitterrand. Borne served as the transport minister, minister of Ecological Transition and the labor minister all under President Emmanuel Macron’s previous government.

Soon after her appointment, Borne spoke about how emotional she felt at being selected for the top-most position that a woman has ever held in the political leadership of France. She dedicated her selection to all the “little girls” and persuaded them to chase their dreams and fight for the place of women in society.

The top priority for Borne will be to ensure that Macron’s centrist party and its allies get success in the parliamentary election to be held in the country in June. Macron also assured that his new government would prepare and address a bill, most probably after the parliamentary election, that will look into the high cost of living in France, where the price of food and energy are skyrocketing.

Macron and Borne are expected to appoint the new government in the days to come.