Utsav Khakhkhar

Utsav Khakhkhar

Leading with Vision

Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar is the Chief Executive Officer at Lely’s, a Rajkot (Gujarat) based skincare and personal care brand that offers superior-quality of products at affordable prices. By employing outstanding technology, client servicing, training, and cost engineering, he is driving the venture to success.


Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar finished his schooling at the Rajkumar College in Rajkot, one of the oldest and best schools in India. He received a bachelor’s degree from the Temple University in Philadelphia (USA), and obtained training in business management at The Fox Business School (USA). With a solid entrepreneurial knowledge that he acquired from his parents, he joined the world of digital business and advertising. He served at Emegamart – an Ecommerce company – from February 2018 to March 2021, initially as the Chief Marketing Officer and later as the President.

During his time at Emegamart, Utsav gained many abilities, ranging from operating business operations to marketing the brand, through a series of experiential learning opportunities. Following that, in July 2021, he founded Lely’s and has been in charge as the CEO.


Utsav is a management expert who places a strong emphasis on quality. He has more than five years of expertise in project management, financial control, and general business operations. One of his strengths as a leader is his comprehensive understanding of how to engage and communicate with employees, while also maximizing business operations. His leadership skills include a strong understanding of how to optimize corporate operations and engage and interact with the workforce to fulfil the objectives of the company and boost profitability through data-driven decisions. In addition to possessing excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills, Utsav’s evaluation of the team’s capabilities and the efficient utilization of individual talents to achieve corporate goals are on the mark. He has the ability to listen intently and provide incisive feedback tailored to the potential and skills of each employee. He has a solid grasp of both established and emerging best practices, and is one step ahead of the curve in terms of technological development.


Utsav believes in the saying “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” He has sharpened his abilities under Billy Gene, one of the world’s finest instructors and practitioners of digital marketing. As the man in charge of Lely’s, he embodies the qualities of a successful leader who believes that the goal of leadership is to create more leaders than followers. Having an exceptional level of emotional intelligence, he is able to persuade clients, inspire staff, and maintain a positive work atmosphere. Today, Utsav is regarded as the market’s most influential young leader due to his unparalleled marketing skills and unique ideas. Under his expert direction, Lely’s received the honor of the Most Pioneering Beauty Brand tested by Dermatologists in 2022.


Utsav envisions himself managing Lely’s with innovative and novel concepts that will help provide a new viewpoint to the market. He intends to use his marketing skills and experience to develop new methods to help the company reach a larger audience and increase.

The young leader is enthusiastic about setting short and long-term goals for the company’s growth, aiming for a future in which Lely’s is acknowledged as a top firm in the industry, continually establishing new benchmarks and innovating to meet the specific requirements of customers.