Veena Abhay Kumar Dahotre

Veena Abhay Kumar Dahotre

Veena completed Bachelor of Commerce from BMCC Pune in 2015 and Chartered Accountancy in 2019. She has been associated with Dahotre & Dahotre Chartered Accountants as Associate Partner since 2019. Her life inspiration has always been her family and maternal grandfather who encouraged her to read books, pick up good qualities and skills, and keep evolving as a person and a true professional day-by-day.


Veena believes that a true leader inspires others to follow the right path and guides them to emerge as new leaders. She has always worked hard towards earning the leadership role that she proudly fulfils today. She is appreciative and empathetic towards her team, and also believes in creating a healthy and disciplined yet competitive work environment for maximum results. She is an inspiring leader who nurtures team spirit and supervises the overall operations of the company.

The high point in her career has been to remotely manage the entire team operating from different parts of the country successfully during the pandemic. Under her synchronized efforts, the company proactively supported the new ways of working and the IT team also lends a helping hand in familiarizing everyone with the new processes. Under her guidance, the company was able to grow even during the COVID-19 crisis.


Veena believes that the company’s guiding principles – Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect and Achievement – have been the keys to achieving the company’s vision and developing a safe, satisfying and fun work culture that they’re proud of. She values her team’s contributions and rewards their efforts from time-to-time.

She ensures that the highest-quality service is delivered to her clients through goal-setting sessions, understanding their requirements, raising finances and timely complying with various laws to align them with the market. Besides, a special CRM is used for team management and research purposes.


Veena emphasizes that inculcating good values in the youth through education and awareness can make a huge difference. She is of the view that strong education support can help turn the youth of India into responsible citizens who truly understand the meaning of social responsibilities and don’t shy away from fulfilling them. Under her exemplary leadership, the firm has adopted technology-friendly practices, and the tech teams have devised specific procedures, practices and systems for faster approvals and controls, Segregation of Duties (SoDs) coupled with strong review mechanisms to avoid potential frauds within the company, and to improve accuracy. These are just a few among the many steps taken by the company to maintain good corporate governance and improve customer satisfaction.

For the short-term and long-term growth of the company, Veena wishes to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people by making financial issues and financial compliances stress-free and easier to deal with. Under her able guidance, the company is already on the road towards rapid growth, and envisions expanding its network both domestically and internationally.