Md. Sheikh Shadi

Md. Sheikh Shadi


Born in Kushtia, Mr. Shadi began his journey as a contractor for various projects for the government and non-government institutions. He attributes his knowledge and expertise to the time he devoted to learn the nitty-gritty of the real estate sector. All his hardwork through the years finally helped him establish his own enterprise in 2007 — the Assure Group. Mr. Shadi has been a commendable leader who flexes his leadership style for his team members to motivate and inspire them. Owing to his able leadership, the company has experienced a visible growth and expansion in the last decade. He has led the way to make the business successful in various other fields through ventures such as Assure Builders Ltd., Assure Properties Ltd., Assure Tourism Ltd. & Assure General Hospital to name a few. His customers get to select from the company’s various projects which are far-stretched to residential, commercial and integrated types in the realty sector.


A leader who strongly believes in social welfare, Mr. Shadi has planned programs to develop his home-town of Kustia. Along with social service, he has also overseen a funding program for the education of the underprivileged children. Mr. Shadi believes in helping and providing for the less fortunate. He has been conducting multiple day-long medical campaigns for the poor including eye checkups. His programs have motivated people from all walks of life and it is such a delight to see the doctors participating and providing medical facilities to the underprivileged. Mr. Shadi’s honesty, passion, and respect for one another are his greatest assets.