Vertiv Xpress Masterclass Series 2024

Vertiv Xpress Masterclass Series 2024


Vertiv, a global leader in critical digital infrastructures and continuity solutions, introduces the Vertiv Xpress Masterclass Series 2024, marking a significant step in advancing innovation and knowledge sharing within the industry. This series underscores Vertiv’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the field.

In today’s data-centric landscape, the seamless flow of information is paramount. Vertiv stands as a stalwart in delivering uninterrupted digital operations for major corporations globally, renowned for its innovative approach and substantial contributions to digital operations and infrastructure development. As technology rapidly evolves, reshaping daily routines, work practices, and communication methods, there’s an unprecedented demand for data transmission worldwide. Leveraging its seasoned experts, Vertiv ensures the uninterrupted transmission of data, reaffirming its dedication to innovation and expansion in digital operations and infrastructure. With a global workforce exceeding 24,000 employees, Vertiv serves a diverse clientele across sectors including data centers, BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, education, and government. Under the adept leadership of Managing Director Mr. Subhasis Majumdar, Vertiv is primed for unparalleled success. In a bid to further enhance its achievements, Vertiv introduces the Vertiv Masterclass Series, a pioneering initiative aimed at uniting thought leaders, experts,
and visionaries from within the company to explore sustainable solutions that have the potential to influence our future.


The Vertiv Masterclass Series serves as a nexus for professionals and stakeholders from diverse sectors within data center operations to dissect critical issues, challenges, and emerging trends steering the industry’s trajectory. Vertiv Xpress, a mobile showcase of innovation and in- person experience of our latest offerings, has been a successful endeavour since its inception in 2018. It’s given customers access to Vertiv’s cutting edge solutions right at their doorstep. This year they have added their first ever Vertiv Xpress
Masterclass Series for consulting engineers, infrastructure designers, and stakeholders. It is currently based in Delhi and will soon be extended to various regions across the country.

The primary goal of the Vertiv Masterclass Series is to provide continuous education and facilitate knowledge dissemination for consulting engineers and infrastructure designers through immersive discussions and technical presentations. It offers invaluable insights into the latest trends in data center operations, featuring keynote presentations on the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on critical infrastructure within data centers, complemented by AI-driven solutions tailored to address these challenges.
Additionally, it offers networking opportunities and interactive sessions, fostering collaboration and innovation among attendees. Participants engage with industry experts, exchange best practices, and glean practical insights to optimise their organisations’ digital infrastructures. In summary, the Vertiv Xpress Masterclass Series 2024 serves as a premier platform for industry professionals to stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in critical digital infrastructures. It empowers participants to spearhead innovation and excellence in their respective fields, propelling the industry forward into a future defined by resilience and efficiency.