Vijay Arora

Vijay Arora


AICL has been co-founded by Mr. Arora and his friend Sanjay Mishra. Armed with a degree in Law and an MBA, Mr. Arora has been instrumental in managing complicated legal operations and other activities for the company.

The company was formally registered in the year 2001, under the thorough supervision of both its founders. They do the extraordinary work of helping medical professionals even while operating with budget constraints.

The co-founders have ensured that the team they have put in place is an extremely talented one when it comes to making the business grow. A technically sound and professionally determined team is at the core of the company’s functioning. At AICL, the pair of directors ensures that each hired member is aptly qualified and abundantly skilled. These pioneering minds have indeed revolutionized the medical insurance consulting field by setting an unparalleled benchmark. The duo attributes the company’s success to a talented team that is handpicked to deal with the toughest challenges in medical insurance consulting.


In today’s world, when all forms of media, including newspapers, digital news or social media platforms are just a click away, situations can get out of control within no time. The team at AICL believes in building a balanced narrative that provides both sides of the story. It is very easy for negative information to do the rounds owing to the easy access to digital news. However, this is where a risk management team comes into action. By researching the occurrence, creating a draft of questions and advising on legal remedies thereafter, the team accomplishes these essential tasks. Although many of these cases can become quite challenging, the team is trained and groomed to tackle them in every possible manner and achieve a positive outcome.


The company has its operations spread across 26 states in the country and has played a role in averting many crises in the medical sector.

A company of risk managers, it has to constantly keep upgrading and innovating by introducing new solutions. Over 15,000 policies being sold and less than 2 percent of cases reaching the courts is a reflection on the success of the firm and its competence.

Additionally, over 1.5 million risk management coverages have been sold by the firm and at present, it is handling 50 thousand Crisis Management cases of Medicare fraternity. In 20 years of operations, the firm has only 2% of compensation, and this shows its expertise & competence.